Transformation Strategist

Meet a Transformation Strategist

DC JAMES is a transformation strategist / leader, author, speaker,  life coach, marketing and project consultant, entrepreneur and esteemed spiritual mentor. DC JAMES effectively empowers you to take your current life and “Leap Forward“! Access to practical “How To” life guides, personal growth, leadership development, and business challenges strategies could be at your fingertips.

Transformation Strategist Service Mark“Effective planning is like a permeable healthy cell; which absorbs and eliminates.” DC JAMES

The Experience of a Transformation Strategist

Through a wealth of knowledge, research and personal experiences these transformation strategist tools and methods were painstakingly developed and distilled for you. DC JAMES calls this program: Quantum Planning S.Y.S.T.E.M.S ™ (Showing Your Steps Through Estimated Measures Succeeds).

The System of a Transformation Strategist

This unique system uses the principles of  The FOUR= Founded On Universal Repetition which is built upon The Law of Responsibility. Quantum Planning S.Y.S.T.E.M.S™ is a method and set of planning systems that harnesses the creative potential of the quintessential elements of  Time, Talent, Treasure and Tools toward the accomplishing of one’s vision, goals and dreams.

DC JAMES is a graduate of the coveted PMP certification program at University of Phoenix. He has completed course studies in the life coaching program Transformational Leadership Coaching ™

Be Transformed, Get Interactive and Leap Forward

DC JAMES, CEP works with audiences who want transformation in their life, business, personal and leadership practices. He is the founder of Quantum Planning S.Y.S.T.E.M.S™, Man in the Middle Marketing and HeyCoach247.  He is the author of THE ARTFORM, and The 10 Commandments of Enterprise and has written several articles. He is a public speaker within the local and throughout the nation-wide community.


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